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Our certified Montessori teachers have a profound understanding of children’s changing development. The Early Childhood program supports each child’s growth from early childhood to school age. At Amesbury Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten, the specially designed Children’s House program nurtures the child’s emotional, physical, social and cognitive development. Students build both thinking and social skills through close contact with the teacher, the materials of learning, and each other.

In Montessori Children’s House, children are developing a surprising array of essential life skills. Learning is uninterrupted and self-directed. Children work purposefully on projects for as long as they wish developing concentration, perseverance and independence. Working with the teacher, the child begins to set and attain academic, social and emotional goals for him/herself. Children choose their work according to their goals and personal interests. Time management, self-discipline and personal accountability are emphasized through frequent, regular check-ins with the teacher.

Instead of being “taught,” each child is led towards self-discovery of concepts through use of materials. Multi-sensory materials are plentiful for physical, scientific exploration. Rewards are intrinsic through success with materials as children spot their own errors. A wide range of materials are used for a wide range of capabilities. During the Children House years, literacy takes center stage in the child’s life. Both the classroom environment and individualized lessons are tailored to meet their need.

The emerging social life of the student begins to take precedence. Students at Amesbury Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten begin experiencing true cooperation, collaboration, compromise, and compassion. Individual and small group instruction is experienced daily. Students collaborate with and inspire each other. As the natural leaders in their classes, they develop patience, tolerance, and enhanced self-esteem.

What makes Amesbury Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten extraordinary?

* Close teacher-child relationship

* Mixed age grouping creates opportunities for leading and following

* Instruction is tailored to individual children

* Each child works and learns at her own pace

* Multi-sensory materials

* Freedom of movement and choice

* Individual, small and large group lessons provide a variety of learning opportunities

and social settings

* Wide range of materials

* Time management and personal accountability

* Behavior management through peace education and self-regulation

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